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San Antonio
Parking management

Shark Recovery provides private property impound services, or impounds, to property owners of San Antonio, Texas.  We can help control your parking situation from regular patrols to on-call services.  We work with our clients to assist with any situation that may arise.  Our team is professional and prompt.  Please call us so we may discuss your parking enforcement needs.
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Professional San Antonio Private Property Parking Enforcement

Shark Recovery provides parking enforcement for small and large businesses alike in San Antonio.  Our goal is to keep your property clean, under control, and limit your liability.  We operate 24 Hours a Day patrolling our client's  properties, and routinely update our clients on the conditions of their property.  

What we offer you when BECOMING a parking ENFORCEMENT client

  • 24 Hour Dispatch Service
  • Fast Electronic Dispatching (Request an Impound From a Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Phone)
  • Free Towing Sign(s) and Installation
  • Professional Courteous Drivers
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Mobile Video Recording in each truck
  • Photos of Each Impound (Available online & e-mailed to our clients when an impound is performed)

your frustrated.  our team can help curb your parking problem.

There is nothing more frustrating than to have a parking situation to deal with.  We help many businesses in San Antonio deal with parking issues by impounding the car and storing it at our Vehicle Storage Facility.  There is not cost to our clients, and the owner of the auto will pay for the service of impounding their auto.  

We have assisted many property owners and managers with patrolling and removing parking violators.  Our clients range from shopping malls, theme parks, realtors, apartment complexes, hotels, and restaurants just to name a few.  We offer two different types of impound services to our clients, and we customize every detail to ensure that the service received is what is needed.

How We Provide You Private Property Parking Enforcement

  1. We receive your request for private property parking enforcement services.
  2. Our team schedules a meeting to collaborate what services meet your needs.
  3. An inspection of the property allows us to properly install signage, and meet strict Texas Laws.
  4. You sign an agreement allowing our team to enter and remove autos when necessary.
  5. Service begins, and the parking issues end.
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