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Shark Recovery assists those who may have had their auto impounded in San Antonio, Texas.  If your car was impounded, and you need it towed out because it will not run, you have no insurance, or have no drivers license we can help.
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What you need to do to locate your car and release it from an impound in San Antonio, Texas.  (step by step)

This advice will not only save you time, but will save you some frustration also.  Let's face it, that you are already frustrated (burning mad) and want to know where you car is and how to get it back.  This is coming directly from a towing service, and the secrets are what the impound lot does not want you to know.  Follow these steps closely, and keep your sanity. 

locate where your car went

Locating where your car went is usually one of the worst steps.  The first thing you will want to do is look around where you parked your car.  If your car was left on the side of the highway, your car will most likely be at the Growdon San Antonio Impound Lot.  If it was impounded there must be a "Tow Away" sign.  These signs must be placed at the entrance of the area, or right where the auto was towed. This sign will have a phone number listed for the towing company, and you will want to call that number and ask to see if your car is there.   

Before you call anyone, please have your VIN or License Plate information ready.  This will make it easier for the company to locate your car.  Most of the lots can provide information by year, make, model, and color, but there are a few that have over 100 cars on site.  Just keep calm when you talk to the company even though your upset.  It will make the process easier and faster.

Frequent Impound Lots
  1. San Antonio City Impound - (210) 207-7273  Check Online If Your Car Is at The City Impound
  2. Bexar Towing - (210) 590-6200
  3. Atlas Towing - (210) 223-8066
  4. All Tex Towing - (210) 337-4483
  5. Texas Towing - (210) 22-1000

What you need to do to get your car out of impound in san antonio

The second step in this process is very simple yet complex.  This process must be followed exactly or you will not be able to have your car released, and you will walk away empty handed.  Let's begin.  Once you locate your car, you will want to find out what the fees are to have the auto released.  This amount is usually good for 24 hours, but you need to ask to ensure that the price does not change before you attempt to release your car.  Before you have your car release, please have these documents with you.  They will need to be current (not expired).

If you are not the registered owner of the automobile, you will need to have a notarized authorization from the owner. 
  • A valid government photo identification card or driver's license.
  • Proof of ownership (original Certificate of Title; a REASSIGNED title less than 30 days old;
  • Current registration receipt; or Bill of Sale less than 30 days old).
  • Proof of Current Insurance on the Vehicle.
  • Payment (Most DO NOT accept checks, but accept cash and credit)

If you have a suspended license or have no insurance, you still can have your automobile released.  The only catch is you can not drive it out from the impound lot.  You will need a towing service to tow the auto from inside the impound facility to outside the impound facility.

  We provide this service, and you can request it anytime day or night at (210) 598-7355.
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