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We offer 24 Hour Towing Service in San Antonio, Tx.  Towing that you can depend on. Call us anytime.

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We Provide Great Towing Service in San Antonio, Tx.

Fast Response

We are open 24 hours a day to provide towing with late model tow trucks.

Easy Service

It's easy to get your auto towed.  Just call us to have a tow truck tow you.

Friendly Staff

 Our towing team are friendly and professional.  They know how to tow your car the right way.

Get Towed

Get your car towed without losing your wallet.  Give us a phone call anytime.


Founded by my wife and myself on a trip to South Padre Island Texas.  We had a dream to someday own a successful towing business.  We needed a name for the dream we had, and wanted to include our passion for the beach.  The inspiration came from a key chain of a shark that we stopped and purchased in a CVS pharmacy.  The keychain was lost many years a ago, but we replaced it with an exact replica that can still be purchased from the same CVS on South Padre Island, Tx.

We have purchased a shark tooth for each one of our tow trucks, and the Shark Recovery logo adorns all of our tow trucks that travel the city of San Antonio, Tx.  Why did we call it Shark Recovery?  We have a passion for towing and repossession.  In the repossession industry on must search for vehicles, and that is like the Shark whom must hunt prey to survive.  Our team of Sharks do the very same thing to survive.
Call Us (210) 951-8980
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